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We have the manufacturing, logistics and market expertise to provide cutting edge solutions for hemp manufacturing and private labeling.

Our Process :

The Best Practices in the Industry

At Bloomios we create hemp products using the highest standards, trusted processes, and best practices available in the industry. We manufacture our hemp derivatives in-house and in doing so, we follow current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and we adhere to all OSHA requirements. Our certifications are updated on a yearly basis. We perform quality assurance testing, and test for pH solids and specific gravity in our quality control testing lab.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities:

Manufacturing 200+ Product Options in 12 Categories and Spanning Over 300 Flavors

We stay ahead of the trends by analyzing data through our internal R&D division. We provide our customers with 200+ product options in 12 categories and spanning over 300 flavors. We manufacture hemp derived products that are on-trend and in high demand. We can create, brand, design and customize packaging for our clients and deliver an array of products engineered to meet their specific needs.


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A Publicly-Traded Company

Bloomios is a publicly-traded company focused on delivering long-term shareholder growth and results. We are invested in providing best-in-class white labeling.

Competitive Advantage:

Two-Week Turnaround Time

Bloomios develops and engineers a large and diverse line of products. Additionally, our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to develop almost any kind of custom flavor, labels, or product within 2 weeks.


The Most Trusted Partner For Growth

Providing Solutions to Build Brands and Propel the Industry.

Bloomios is dedicated to providing the services needed to become a powerhouse in the hemp industry. Our product knowledge, understanding of the fields and production standards are industry-best.

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